Finke Estate Auction – Gold, Silver & Diamonds

The Finke family has found several boxes that contained items that weren’t part of the original listing, including an extensive coin collection, and diamond wedding rings.  Be sure to revisit the website to see these recent finds by CLICKING HERE



Three diamond wedding rings, the center being 1+ ct. diamond in 18K gold


Elgin 15 jewel lady’s watch sold by Jaccard Jewelry Co., Kansas City


Nine of the 23 silver dollars, along with 100s of silver halves, quarters & dimes

Studio of Rubens



We were recently fortunate enough to handle the sale of this fabulous portrait of Peter Paul Rubens’ wife, Helene Fourment.  This Portrait of Hélène Fourment, a rendition of the original by Rubens, was believed to have been executed by the studio of Rubens, c. late 17th/early 18th century.  The unidentified artist exhibited a definite mastery of the medium, as well as the influence of Rubens.  Read more about Helene Fourment here.