Session 1 Ends Today!!

Rothschild's Sign For Sale!

                                                          Rothschild’s Sign For Sale!

Session 1 of Rothschild’s Antiques Ends Today with the first lots closing at 6pm.

Lifesize Joseph Statue

                                                                Lifesize Joseph Statue

Springbok Mount

                                                                    Springbok Mount

This is a staggered ending, with the final lots closing just after 8:30pm.
The bidding is set for a ‘soft close’ meaning that any last minute bidding will extend the closing time by 2 minutes. This means you have a chance to continue bidding if someone outbids you as the clock runs out. If you are bidding on several items, especially that are closing around the same time, we recommend putting in your maximum bids ahead of time so there are no ‘last minute’ mistakes. The Proxibid system we use is designed to refresh the bids on items as they come in but during an auctions closing, the system may be a little delayed, so we recommend refreshing your screen now and then to keep it up to date. If you have any questions, please contact Eric Iman at 314-882-6708. Enjoy the auction!

Bust of St. Paul, carved wood

                                                            Bust of St. Paul, carved wood

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