As we remember the anniversary of the January 6 attack on our capitol and recognize the work that needs to be undertaken to fortify our democracy and reinforce our democratic ideals, our website is going to reflect the work that we are doing.

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“In the early thirties people used to ask, ‘Why should England and France help German antifascists?’ So they didn’t. And they didn’t help themselves. And Americans refused to understand that even if, say, Rwanda or Somalia has no nuclear weapons and does not threaten anyone, famine in Rwanda is still a direct threat to full-tummied America. Because Americans who close their eyes to the famine in Rwanda become socially dangerous in their own country. A person whose conscience atrophies becomes a threat to his fellow citizens. If it is not frightening to see the death of people in Rwanda, it will not be frightening to see the death of people in Texas, and if it’s not frightening to see death, then it’s not so frightening to kill”

– Leonid Zhukhovitsky, from Dead Again by Masha Gessen, c. 1997